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Custom Home Construction
Design | Build

Whether it’s a real estate investor that is seeking the swell their coffers or if it’s a first-time homebuyer finally reaching the milestone of a customized house; the need for a reliable (general) contracting firm to map, design, build, and ultimately construct the home remains as paramount.

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Commercially Scaled Development
Site Prep | Mediation

By and large, most commercially scaled development projects are very elaborate enterprises that feature many moving parts, inherent variables, unpredictable intangibles, and innate challenges that can severely hinder projected development times if not properly and proactively addressed.

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Property Improvements
Renovations | Tenant Improvements

Widely known to many contractors, property buyers/investors, and homeowners alike is the undeniable value both aesthetically and monetarily that a tastefully incorporated remodel, renovation or revamping can add to a local property; regardless of its size, scale, dimension or ambition.

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Attentiveness & Personalization
Can Make A HUGE Impact

Successful home building is a matter of establishing the right priorities. Sutco Construction takes into consideration the lifestyle and special needs of the families who will be living in their homes. Additionally, Sutco Construction also pays constant attention to pricing, location, and the human elements of architectural design. Paying attention to these priorities has helped Sutco Construction build houses for families that they are proud to call home.

The team at Sutco Construction prides itself on being able to work with you, the homebuyer, to design and build your home. Our goal is to help you realize your dream, at home in the California foothills. Contact us and let us show you your view of the future.

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What It Means To Have Sutco Construction Managing Your Project



service options available to local clientele seeking quality construction expertise; both current and prospective.


project coverage ensures that each enterprise we are tasked with managing progresses smoothly, seamlessly, and with minimal impediments.


and punctuality during our management roles often help establish a rapid expedition of the project’s completion.


in both communication and project-progression is synonymous with a successfully concluded project and an ecstatic client.


client relations is a life-long, company-wide pursuit that our company places at the forefront of our business’ priorities.